About us

iKont Kft. was founded in 2018 by Hungarian individuals with the aim of developing modern digital solutions for the construction industry. Over the years, institutional investors have also joined the ownership of the company. We started to build our site in early 2022, where preparation, development and manufacturing can work closely together to produce our products smoothly and productively.


From an initial team of 3, we have grown to a team of 20, which continues to grow and develop. That’s why it’s important for us to take into account not only our colleagues’ education and professional skills, but also their interests when defining their positions.


Our main goal is to combine the latest high-tech IT solutions with traditional tools to ensure a truly stable and reliable product at the construction site. In addition to the products currently available, we are working on a number of innovative technologies for on-site application, which we hope to present to you soon.


Sándor Juhász

CEO, co-founder

Péter Szabó

CTO, co-founder

Beáta Szluka

project manager

Zita Borsodi

junior IT business analyst

Mónika Orbán

office assistant

Anita Danyi-Pálinkás

sales assistant

László Szilágyi

regional manager

Sándor Somogyvári

regional manager

Péter Barten

production manager

Zsolt Szűcs


Attila Csécs

low-current technician

Gyula Katona


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