Our vision for cooperation

Hoping that our website has caught your interest, we would like to briefly outline how our company envisages working with foreign partners.

Due to the nature of our product (large physical dimensions), manufacturing in Hungary and then shipping to abroad is not profitable, and we are aware of the fact that a local business knows best the local markets and characteristics.


For the above reasons, iKont Kft. always enters foreign markets by establishing a franchise network with local partners.


With committed local partners, we believe we can successfully introduce the digital solutions we have developed to local construction and other potential markets.


You have the advantage of representing an established, successful brand with a minor capital investment. You will receive ongoing support and unique conditions that will help you turn your business into a profitable one within a reasonable period of time!



Our business offer:


What we can provide:


What we continuously provide to our partners – from our own resources:


With guidance and support from iKont kft, listed above, your company can still sell and manufacture the systems independently.



If you are interested, we would appreciate a short letter of introduction outlining your company’s relevant work experience and the circumstances under which you could sell and even partially manufacture our products, or on the basis of which you could start working with us!


Best regards,