We presented on digitalisation in the construction industry at the HRPWR conference

We participated as a speaker at the Blue Collar HR Challenges and Solutions 6.0 conference organised by HRPOWER. Among many exciting topics, the digitalisation of the construction industry was also discussed. Thank you again for being honoured with this invitation!


The summary of our earlier survey using the in-depth interview method was also published on hrpwr.hu a few weeks ago. This led to the invitation to present the results of the construction research to HR professionals. It has been an exciting challenge, but the digitalisation of the construction industry and the smart construction solutions we are developing can make life easier not only for construction managers, but also for HR professionals working in the construction industry. Using the iKont smart container and software can make a significant difference to the work ethic of construction workers in the long term. Our development extends to other markets – such as agriculture or manufacturing – so it can make a positive difference to the day-to-day work of virtually any blue-collar employee.


At the beginning of the performance, we included a little game to see how the audience would react to being invited to a morning glass of pálinka.
The participants passed the test, saying no to alcohol.😉

We’re working to develop a similar mentality among blue-collar workers.


The presentation was held jointly by our company’s CEO, Péter Sándor Juhász and Alright Communications‘ PR specialist, Brigitta Szuchy.


The presentation is available at the following link: LINK


Elkészült az iKont image videója


The image video of iKont has been completed!

Radio interview with Péter Sándor Juhász, CEO and co-founder of iKont


Zsuzsanna Tüske, presenter at Radio Baja, interviewed Péter Sándor Juhász, the CEO and co-founder of iKont Kft marketing intelligent containers.

Video interview with blue-collar workers in the construction industry


By the software and hardware development of iKont (e.g. smart container), we contribute to the digitalisation of the construction industry. To get a full picture of the situation of the construction industry, we interviewed some blue-collar workers.