Elkészült az iKont image videója

The image video of iKont has been completed!


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In the last weeks  we have been working with our creative partners on an image video can  present professionally the sytem and developments  of iKont in the digitalization of construction and  manifacturing industries.   

Our main goal was to inform our potential customers and partners about the tremendous opportunities of the developed digital opportunities.  Both software and hardware products can be used in the construction industry, but also in the agriculure, manifacturing area.



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The ikont intelligent container system first generation was made, to have the tools, equipments on construction fields, factories stored safely.  The life cycle of the work assets can be moitored easily With the system from the  purchase until  the scraping.

We provide the simplified  iKontBox storage sytem and the iKontEntry entrance system to filter out the drunk workforce easily!


Beside the equipments the iKont cloud based software system attends all customer needs (safekeeping, administration, … ).  We have launched iKontGuard service to contol the work area with camera-based system for the safety of workers and assets.


We presented on digitalisation in the construction industry at the HRPWR conference


We participated as a speaker at the Blue Collar HR Challenges and Solutions 6.0 conference organised by HRPOWER. Among many exciting topics, the digitalisation of the construction industry was also discussed. Thank you again for being honoured with this invitation!

Radio interview with Péter Sándor Juhász, CEO and co-founder of iKont


Zsuzsanna Tüske, presenter at Radio Baja, interviewed Péter Sándor Juhász, the CEO and co-founder of iKont Kft marketing intelligent containers.

Video interview with blue-collar workers in the construction industry


By the software and hardware development of iKont (e.g. smart container), we contribute to the digitalisation of the construction industry. To get a full picture of the situation of the construction industry, we interviewed some blue-collar workers.